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At Angle Park Auto Centre in Edinburgh, we are proud to have a full range of state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostics equipment covering 99% of vehicle makes and models. We can also diagnose airbag and ABS faults.


Performing a car diagnostics test can reveal a number of problems associated with the transmission, oil tank, fuel tank, exhaust system and other components of the vehicle. Modern vehicles designed with computer processors, microchips and sensors can be linked to a car diagnostics computer scan to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.

mechanic doing checks on car engine


The car diagnostic can tell you the following about the vehicle:

  • Ignition timing issues

  • Level of build-up in the combustion engine

  • Fuel injector performance

  • Whether the ignition coils are firing

  • Engine RPM levels

  • Air and coolant temperature

  • Crankshaft and camshaft position and the throttle opening

After the car diagnostic is performed, the computer will tag each data point to reveal what needs to be corrected, and stores this code so that the technician can look in a specific area for the problem.


Performing a car diagnostics test using an auto-scan tool can save the mechanic a lot of time troubleshooting a problem. It can also save the car owner money as they don't have to pay for a complete mechanical check at their local repair shop. 


When the 'check engine' light appears on the dashboard, the car owner is given no information on what could be causing the problem. Running a computerised car diagnostics check will highlight the problem so that the mechanic can fix only what needs to be fixed. Most car diagnostics checks can be performed in under an hour.

blue car
engine diagnostics being carried out
Highly recommend using this garage.

I cannot recommend this garage highly enough. They took in my fairly new Peugeot which had an engine warning light which I had taken to another garage who diagnosed multiple issues that they said they didn't have time to deal with. Angle Park took it in and solved it in a day, servicing it, flushing it and taking apart some of the engine, identifying exactly what was wrong quickly and charging what I considered to be a very fair price for the labour and parts. It felt like I was in safe and knowledgeable hands and I will be back - a credit to their profession.

-  Joe Hind

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